Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Own Adventure!

I used the Web 2.0 Awards link and browsed around. I found a few that I'd like to share.

Under the category Visual Arts, I tried Color Blender. I'm always looking at colors as I need to paint at home. This was pretty cool! I liked the way I could select a color and this app would automatically select a family of colors to go with the color I selected.

Next was the Organize category. I looked at Backpack. If you're a list-maker, like I (sometimes) am, this would be an ideal way to take your list with you wherever you go. I could see using this site in a million different ways!

That category led me to the next one down, Philanthropy. Here I chose Be Green. Use this site to calculate how large your 'carbon footprint' is and discover ways to offset it. Love it!

I don't think any of these sites would necessarily be of any use to KCLS, but they sure could be of use to me (and my co-workers, too).

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